Warning! Do not visit China with your dog for holidays

Dog Killing in China
Can you imagine a place where dogs are stolen or picked up secretly from every corner of the street and are butchered to get their meat? Yes, this is what happening in the city of Yulin, China. They brutally kill dogs and cats every year at the time of “Yulin Dog Eating Festival” to make money out of their meat. They don’t even care if the dog or cat is a pet animal of someone. Just for the sake of money, cruelty seems to be at its best in China. According to a source, near about 2,26,800 kilogram of dog meat is consumed every year in China. Dog slaughter houses can be seen common in the city of Yulin and they butcher as many as 2000 dogs a day during the festival season. Wow that is a big number and the festival almost goes for 10 days.

Interesting thing is that still there is no animal protection law in China, and it seems Chinese people have been brainwashed with the thought that eating dog meat stimulates internal heat and brings good health and luck. It seems like dog meat tastes good and that is what making good money, which is called as good luck by Chinese.

Just check this amazing video how the dogs and cats are captured from the streets and then tortured, boiled and killed to produce meat.

So if you plan to visit China with your dog or cat make sure you keep them safe, as life is getting tougher for them in China. Infect we all must sign a petition to help dogs in China.

According to nytimes.com Chinese people are still in the mood of defending the dog meat festival instead of feeling guilty.

Content source: indiatimes.com

Written by: Rajesh Bihani ( Find me on Google+ )

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